SS™ AG Fundamentals 1 & 2

NEXT TRAINING: June 19th- 22nd, 2017

Both AG Fundamentals 1 AND 2 are required before moving on to AG Aerial Yoga, AG Suspension Fitness, AG Kids and/or any AG specialty course.

NEXT TRAINING: June 19th- 22nd, 2017 

Address of Training: SwetStudio™, 480 Tremont street, Boston, MA 02116

Dates: 4- Days Intensive (Monday 19th - Thursday 22nd, 2017):

Time: TBT  

Materials you will receive at training:  

  • A copy of the AntiGravity® Fitness Manual or Training Workbook

  • Swet Studio™ 5 Class credits included with tuition! 
  • AntiGravity Digital Academy (AGDA)- Upon successful completion of initial training, all instructors receive membership to the AntiGravity Digital Academy (AGDA). The AGDA contains a large library of training videos as well as support materials for teaching.
  • Listed on AntiGravity® website- Active Instructors in good standing are listed on AntiGravity® website and receive their own biographical page.

Full Tuition: $1600 (by 6/1) OR $1800 (by 6/18) 

$500 deposit on acceptance.

*Deposit & tuition non-refundable after June 1, 2017.

To insure your application receives adequate assessment, please supply us with all requested information outlined in this Application for SwetStudio™ AntiGravity® Fundamentals teacher training, including CURRENT RESUME or DETAILED DESCRIPTION of your experience in the health, wellness, or fitness industry.