AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness 1 certification.

Upcoming dates: 12/11 and 12/12, 2017


Recognized by: NASM & AFAA ACE, CYQ & Yoga Alliance approved!



Originally approved by the Broadway unions and utilized to flip and fly rock stars, AntiGravity® Techniques have also been recognized by NASM & AFAA ACECYQ & Yoga Alliance approved!

Utilizing the hammock to gain leverage and move freely in all dimensions of open space, classes are designed to be safe, challenging and entertaining.

WHAT you get

  • A copy of the AntiGravity® Fitness Manual.
  • AntiGravity® Fitness Philosophy, Techniques and Safety.
  • Unique variations of a flying fitness class, including inversions and flips. 
  • AntiGravity Digital Academy (AGDA) - Upon successful completion of initial training, all instructors receive membership to the AntiGravity Digital Academy (AGDA). The AGDA contains a large library of training videos as well as support materials for teaching.
  • The AntiGravity® Values of Inclusivity and Originality are built into the training.
  • Listed on AntiGravity® website - Active Instructors in good standing are listed on AntiGravity® website and receive their own biographical page.


2 days. Every training day is an 8 hour day.


Date: 12/11 and 12/12/2017

Cut off date: November 17th, 2017


Early bird: $700, if paid by 10/30/2017

Late: $850 after 10/30/2017 

Payment plans are available. 


To insure your application receives adequate assessment, please supply us with all requested information outlined in this Application for SSTT AntiGravity® SF 1, including CURRENT RESUME or DETAILED DESCRIPTION of your experience in the health, wellness, or fitness industry.