We understand that no two bodies are alike.




Silviya is a passionate motivator, known for her hardcore workouts and focus on form.   For her, variety is a must. She holds multiple certifications in diverse fitness disciplines and has served on credentialing committees for certifying organizations such as NPTI.  With her, you will never be bored.   



As you may know, Jenn has a fancy, full time “real job,” but aerial fitness is her true passion.  She has been at Swet Studio since its launch, and is strict about perfecting form and listening to ones body.  Her classes are ideal for newcomers and seasoned practitioners who are looking to improve or perfect their form in the aerial practice.  



A former completive diver, Veronika often incorporates strength training and conditioning into her workouts. She brings the same focus and calm that she leaned as a diver to her various aerial classes. 



With a background in gymnastics, Christie is the type of instructor who will leave you dripping in sweat.  Coupled with her extensive training in yoga and meditation, her classes often incorporate guided mindfulness to promote a sense of equanimity.