Swet classes

This is how #weSwet.

We work the body differently every day while incorporating meditation for a complete mind and body practice through strength, length, and balance. Swet Studio’s practice transcends a variety of philosophies, beliefs and modalities. Leave expectations at the door, and attend your first Swet class already. Reduce anxiety, sleep better and feel happier.

FUNdamental classes

A great way to start your Swet journey. Those classes are the foundation for all of our programs.


Variations of poses and progressions will be offered as you become stronger and more confident with the practice. Open up your mind to this new beginning, suspend your disbelief and enjoy the flight. Learn the grips, wraps and traps used as the basis for all poses in the Hammock in all AG classes. Monday 7:30PM; Friday 6:15PM; Saturday 1:30PM; Sunday 12:15PM


This AntiGravity® class is only for First timers. One will become familiar with the new sensations associated with inversions and flying, while building knowledge of foundational movements essential to progression in the practice. Sunday 4:00PM

+ ag yoga DEEP STRETCH

Do you sit at a desk all day? Are you a runner, cyclist, golfer, athlete of any kind? This class is for you! A slower paced class with focus on releasing and lengthening the tight muscles. Start & end your class with a Relaxing Inversion to decompress the spine, feel longer, taller & allow all of your stresses to melt away. No flips and tricks. Thursday 7:30PM; Saturday 8:50AM

+ Swet ROW

This class captures all the elements of competitive on-water rowing. Expect a lot of personalized attention. ALL LEVEL. Tuesday 7:00AM; Thursday 6:30PM; Friday 7:00AM; Sunday 10:00AM


In this class, students will experience a complete reboot of their day. The class consist of 10 minutes of gentle stretching followed by 40 minutes of meditation or napping, complete with blankets, and is designed to reinvigorate the mind and the body. The Swet Meditation class whether as a post-workout recovery or as a well-deserved break from the grind is sure to leave you revived and energized. Open to ALL levels. Wednesday 8:40PM


AG Restorative, is a healing, placid class, in which body and mind are focused to restore spirit and vitality. Perfect for athletes in recovery mode, this class features rehabilitative techniques and incorporates levitating meditations, supported sun salutations, joint opening poses and a floating sivasana (cocoon). You will feel the blissful feeling of “floating”! No AG experience is needed or required prior to taking this class. Tuesday 7:30PM


Explore new territory with your Pilates workout. Perform classical and contemporary Pilates exercises from the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, and Ladder Barrel - all on the Hammock! This class takes core-strengthening and targeted muscle conditioning to new heights. You must have taken at least 3 AG Beginner classes prior to attending AG PILATES. Monday 6:30PM; Wednesday 5:30PM; Sunday 8:30AM

+ ag BARRE

Dance develops ideal body lines through the toning and lengthening of muscles, while also developing balance and agility. You must have taken at least 3 AG Beginner classes prior to attending ag BARRE Tuesday 6:30PM; Saturday 10AM

+ ag YOGA

Take your Yoga practice and poses to the next level by using the AG Hammock as a tool to take your backbends deeper, getting a deep tissue massage in your forward folds and downward dogs and using it as a spotter in all of your inversions and arm balances. Discover ananda (blissful joy) in levitating meditations and increase your own awareness in this ground-breaking new genre of yoga. Monday 4:15PM; Wednesday 7:30PM; Friday 5:00pm


A low impact full-body HIIT workout on the rowing machine with body weight strength and mobility training off the rowing machine. ALL LEVEL. Tuesday 5:30PM; Saturday 11:10AM

+ row ABS

Ready to carve a killer core and some serious abdominal strength? Suitable for all fitness levels. Wednesday 7:00AM; Thursday 5:30PM; Sundays 11:00AM

+ ag CORE

Guarantee to flatten your stomach, trim your waistline, and strengthen your back. Through muscle isolation, integration, and deep stabilization, this fast paced aerial core class helps sculpt solid center and stamina. You must have taken at least 3 AG Beginner classes prior to attending ag CORE Monday 5:30PM


Elevate your workout, burning calories and turning the usual fitness moves that use the fabric for resistance or support. Using bodyweight and gravity, you are in complete control of how far to push yourself. Elevate your workout, burn calories, build core strength, elongate your muscles and get a low-impact cardiovascular workout, while suspended in the air! You must have taken at least 3 AG Beginner classes prior to attending AG FIT. Wednesday 6:30PM

+ ag FLY

This class is a mix of ALL variations of the antigravity programs, designed to build strength, flexibility, and mobility by getting out of the box workout! Build more strength while safely inverting, flipping, and toning. Prerequisite include Monthly Swet membership, a minimum quota of 3 classes per week, and prior approval. Sunday 6:30PM

Private Class group photo at Swet.jpg

PRIVATE corporate classes, specifically tailored to YOUR company’s dynamic.

Our private classes are 50 min with certified instructor, followed by 15 min cool down you can use to take photos. For safety, pictures are not allowed during class.  Booking times are offered Monday- Sunday in the early afternoon, evening or midday.  No prior experience is needed.  

Aerial yoga

For something fun and out of the box. Unique and exciting team building experience, with basic inversions, aerial yoga, and, ultimately, flight.  While having fun.

  • Decompresses the spine,
  • Relieving pressure & hydrating disks.
  • Triggers hormonal release.
  • Refreshes the circulatory system and endocrine system.

indoor rowing

For teams with a competitive edge. The perfect fast paced class for rowing as a team, with a build up to a competitive final race. 

  • Calorie-burning king that puts both running and cycling to shame. 
  • Rowing burns 10 to 15 percent more calories than cycling at the same level of exertion. 
  • Total-body workout, involving more muscles than most other exercise machines.

Guided meditation

For a more soothing group experience, we suggest Cocooning, Swet Studio’s
floating meditation class. Team members relax and experience the calm of guided mediation, while suspended in a floating silk hammock. 

  • Perfect for building focus. 
  • Letting go of stress.
  • Helps with depression and anxiety.
ag kids class.jpg

It's time for your kid to turn off their video games, computers, and cellphones, and get out of the house for some creative, physical activity. 

The Kids aerial fitness program is designed to

Help nurture and encourage creativity in your kids.

Promote self-confidence.

Develop imagination.

Encourage the enjoyment of meaningful, physical activity.

Focus on flexibility, with poses and sequences designed to engage and delight the child.