Private classes specifically tailored to your company’s dynamic.

Our private classes are 50 min with certified instructor, followed by 10 min cool down you can use to take photos. For safety, pictures are not allowed during class. Booking times are offered Monday-Sunday in the early afternoon, evening or midday.  No prior experience is needed.  

Aerial yoga

For something fun, out of the box, unique and exciting team building experience, try aerial yoga.

Decompresses the spine

Relieving pressure & hydrating disks

Refreshes the circulatory system and endocrine system.

indoor rowing

For teams with a competitive edge. Calorie-burning king that puts both running and cycling to shame

Rowing burns 10 to 15 percent more calories than cycling at the same level of exertion

Total-body workout, involving more muscles than most other exercise machines.

Guided meditation

For a more soothing group experience, we suggest Meditation.  Team members relax and experience the calm of guided meditation, while suspended in a floating silk hammock. 

Perfect for building focus, letting go of stress, and helps with depression and anxiety.