Where It All Began

It all started several years ago, when I looked around the Boston landscape and saw, on the one hand, traditional corporate gyms, and on the other, boutique studios that would religiously specialize in a single discipline.

The science behind fitness has progressed dramatically in recent years and supports novel fitness modalities. I wanted to create a place that would incorporate a variety of disciplines based upon new scientific approaches, a place where people could feel comfortable about being themselves, without the need for pretense or fear of being judged, and who enjoy getting healthy and fit together. My idea for Swet Studio was that it would not be stagnant, but always evolving with the science of health and fitness. Variety not only keeps things fresh and exciting, but allows the body to be worked out in different ways for faster, safer results.

Today, SwetStudio™ is one of the first multidisciplinary concept studios in the United States.


- Silviya M., Owner


480 Tremont street.
Boston, MA, 02116



7am – 8:30pm Weekdays,
8am – 7pm Weekends