Packages and Auto-renew Cards

We believe in balance and healthy starting point so you can not only achieve, but maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. You'll find we offer a variety of flexible options listed below. 


Monthly class card

Our MOST AFFORDABLE options for all classes. This is not a contract and can be cancelled anytime with 30 day notice. Will renew until cancelled.

12 classes per month - $228 ($19 per class)                  

8 classes per month - $160 ($20 per class) 

6 classes per month - $126 ($21 per class)   


Class Packages

Our  5 and 12 class cards allows you to create a bank of sessions for use in our studio providing a lot of flexibility. Please note: class cards do not activate when purchased, but rather after first class using the package.

Drop In- $30

5 Classes - $125 ($25), 60 days expiration 

12 Classes - $288 ($24), 90 days expiration