The technique was originally created for athletes and gymnasts and has since been modified and perfected to incorporate components from dance, Pilates and calisthenics. A complete workout that is certain to get you in shape while realigning you from the compression of gravity. 


No Prerequisite


Sunday 4PM

Wrapped in a silk hammock, you will experience the health and fitness benefits of Swet Studio’s ® Gentle Stretch. Not only does regular, full-body stretching increase flexibility, range of motion, and posture, but it has been shown to reduce muscle soreness and back pain. Gentle Stretch is an all level class and great introduction to use of the hammock, in which you will learn basic wraps, grips, and traps. This class is especially beneficial for older newcomers or individuals who have contraindications for flipping upside down (e.g., high blood pressure, recent surgeries, pregnancies, injured athletes and the like). Rather than inversions, the focus of this class is to learn how to use the Hammock as your perfect stretching partner.


Tuesday 7:30PM; Thursday 10:00AM; Friday 4PM; Saturday 1:30PM; Sunday 2:45PM

You will be guided through the basics of the practice in a safe and supportive environment. Variations of poses and progressions will be offered as you become stronger and more confident with the practice. Open up your mind to this new beginning, suspend your disbelief and enjoy the flight.


Prerequisite *Beginners, and/or Deep Stretch classes.


Monday 4:30PM; Wednesday 6:30PM; Friday 12:15PM; Saturday 2:45p; Sunday 9AM

Perform classical and contemporary Pilates exercises from the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, and Ladder Barrel - all on the Hammock! This class takes core-strengthening and targeted muscle conditioning to new heights. You must have taken at least 3 Beginner classes prior to attending.

+ YOGA in a silk hammock

Monday 6:30PM; Wednesday 7:30PM; Friday 5:15PM

Take your Yoga practice and poses to the next level by using the AG Hammock as a tool to take your backbends deeper, getting a deep tissue massage in your forward folds and downward dogs and using it as a spotter in all of your inversions and arm balances. Discover ananda (blissful joy) in levitating meditations and increase your own awareness in this ground-breaking new genre of yoga.

+ BARRE in a hammock

Tuesday 6:30PM; Saturday 10AM

Dance develops ideal body lines through the toning and lengthening of muscles, while also developing balance and agility. AIRbarre®, challenges the body and mind beyond the vertical plane and up into the air! Try new forms, explore the air and work on lovely lines.

+ DYNAMIC STRETCH in a silk hammock

Tuesday 10:00AM; Sunday 5:15PM


Prerequisite *ag PILATES, and/or ag YOGA, and/or ag BARRE classes.


Monday 5:30PM

Elevate your core strength to the next level. Through muscle isolation, integration, and deep stabilization, this fast paced aerial core class helps sculpt solid center and stamina. Guarantee to flatten your stomach, trim your waistline, and strengthen your back.


Friday 6:30PM

A dynamic new form of exercise to help increase your kinesthetic awareness for better agility, build core strength, elongate your muscles and get a low-impact cardiovascular workout while suspended by the silk hammock. Prerequisite *ag PILATES, and/or ag YOGA, and/or ag BARRE classes.


Sunday 6:30PM

Learn how to gracefully execute skills you already know, as well timing, and eye-catching transitions. Prerequisite: *Monthly Swet Frequent Fliers and approval

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