Fundamentals 1&2

Aerial yoga fundamentals 1&2 teacher training program Boston, 2019


Recognized by: NASM & AFAA, ACE, CYQ

AntiGravity® (Aerial yoga and fitness program) teacher training is for someone whose goal is to not only become a certified aerial yoga teacher but also for those that want to deepen their practice.

What you get

The training is very extensive and thorough. 

  • A copy of the AntiGravity® Fitness Manual - The course offers a comprehensive training manual with health benefits of aerial exercise, anatomy

  • AntiGravity® Fitness Philosophy, Techniques and Safety

  • Sequencing and how to structure a class with progressions

  • Learn Spotting techniques and foundational wraps

  • Maintenance of the hammocks, and rigging

  • Teach “Decompression Session” classes that includes zero-compression inversions

  • The AntiGravity® Values of Safety, Inclusivity and Originality are built into the training

  • AntiGravity Digital Academy (AGDA) - The AGDA contains a large library of easy to follow training videos as well as support materials for teaching.


Four (4) days. Every training day is an 8 hour day.

Next training, 2019

A four days (Friday - Monday) AntiGravity® Teacher Training. In the first two days (Friday and Saturday) participants learn Fundamental 1, and in the second two days (Sunday and Monday) participants learn Fundamental 2.

Fundamentals 1:

Fundamentals 2:


Early bird pricing is $1200.

Payment plans are available upon request.


Please include a current resume or detailed description of your experience in the health, wellness, or fitness industry. 

No payment necessary until after you are accepted to the program.