The concept behind Swet Studio™

I hope you are all surviving the heat, and finding some relaxing (and healthy) ways to chill this summer! It has been a great summer so far, and I am incredibly grateful for all of your interest and support in helping to make Swet Studio™  better each day. Because of the level of interest, I have added an “About Us” tab to the Studio’s website.


Several years ago when I looked around the Boston landscape, on the one hand, there were traditional corporate gyms, and on the other hand, boutique studios that would religiously specialize in a single discipline.

The science behind fitness has progressed dramatically in recent years and support novel fitness modalities. I wanted to create a place that it would incorporate a variety of disciplines based upon new scientific approaches, a place where people could feel comfortable with being themselves, without the need for pretense or fear of being judged, and enjoy getting healthy and fit together. My idea for Swet Studio™ was that it would not be stagnant, but always evolving with the science of health and fitness. Variety not only keeps things fresh and exciting, but allows the body to be worked out in different ways for faster, safer and ultimate results.

According to a recent study, certain new exercise modalities such as aerial yoga, not only yield metabolic responses in the moderate-intensity range, but improve overall cardio-respiratory fitness and modify risk factors for cardiovascular disease in a positive manner.  It’s one of the reasons why we launched AntiGravity®,  AirBarre®, and Levitation classes in Boston.  In addition to decompressing the spine, AntiGravity® and other forms of Aerial Yoga have been reported to increase strength and flexibility, as well as instill greater self-awareness of one’s body, as it moves through multiple planes.

It is also one of reasons we have modern classes such as IndoRow®.  Although the health benefits of rowing have been known for decades, until recently the historical indoor erg (rowing machine) has been a contraption that was not overly inviting to newcomers. However, equipment such as the IndoRow® Water Rower, which utilizes a flywheel filled with water as its resistance source, is simple to use and has made the sport much less intimidating. Physiologically, rowing is a tremendous HIIT calorie burn.  You can easily burn 600 calories a single hour in a low impact class that engages virtually ALL of the major muscle groups.  This means that there is less wear and tear on your body.  As reported by Health Fitness Revolution in 2015, competitive rowers burn almost twice as many calories on a 2,000 meter course as a runner in a 3,000 meter steeplechase, without all of the attendant muscle damage.  Even just rowing at a moderate pace for 20 minutes has been shown to improve joint and muscle mobility in persons who otherwise live a sedentary lifestyle.  Plus, it’s really fun to be part of a crew.   

Recognizing the benefits of aerial yoga and rowing, we have designed a new class that Swet Studio™ will be launching this coming month, called AirRow.  This combo class is a low impact, full-body cardio workout that includes zero compression inversions, stretching, and relaxation.  It takes the body from heart pumping cardio of an indoor rowing workout to zero compression aerial yoga stretching and breathing tailored to the specific needs of the rowers. 

Today Swet Studio™  is one of the first multidisciplinary concept studios in the United States.


I put a great deal of thought into the physical layout of the studio at 480 Tremont Street, Boston. There is something about industrial chic that I find clean and pure.  When I first moved in, the space had previously been occupied by a computer lab.  There were drop ceilings, like being in an office, and windows had long since been blocked and covered.  One of the first things we did was to open up the windows to let the light flow in and remove the false ceiling to reveal the true height of the lofty ceiling.  We wanted to create an open, airy, inviting environment.  With concrete walls, black metal columns, and an old industrial feel, the studio was repurposed to embrace different types of classes.  As to the paint, there is a certain soothing energy to the color purple, and we wanted the atmosphere to be inviting and fun.  Besides, who doesn't think it’s cool to have a purple ceiling!  


Swet Studio™ is meant to evolve.  If you have an idea for a class, or are aware of new scientifically based research on how we can improve an existing class or workout modality, please let us know.  I have met so many gifted and talented people who have come to the Studio since we opened last fall, and would be grateful for any thoughts you might have on how we can continue to evolve.  

silviya mihaylova