Depressed, Anxious, or Bored: Why Not Try a Mind Body Practice?

The Swet Studio® Method incorporates a Holistic, "Mind Body" approach to Health and Fitness in Boston for All Age Groups including Seniors

Group Stretching Class at Swet Studio, Boston (Swet Studio®, Copyright 2019)

Group Stretching Class at Swet Studio, Boston (Swet Studio®, Copyright 2019)

Do you feel you need a change? Do you feel depressed, anxious, bored, or lonely? Has it been years since you have enjoyed regular physical activity, or maybe you are someone who has never thought of themselves as an active person? Why not begin the process of transforming your life?

A significant number of Swet Studio's members, who have regularly participated in the studio's mind body practice, have reported improvements not only with physical health, but in reducing perceived stresses and promoting overall happiness.

Such anecdotal evidence is supported by evolving discoveries in the medical literature. A recent study was undertaken by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine and the Home Base Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, in collaboration with the Naval Medical Center San Diego. Participants in the study were primarily active duty members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corp – people battling significant perceived stress or chronic pain. Results of the study suggested that a mind-body program may improve physical and psychological functioning. This is in in accord with what Swet Studio® has seen with its members.

At Swet Studio, we welcome newcomers and want to help guild you on your journey. The Swet Studio® Method incorporates a holistic, "Mind Body" approach to health and fitness. Through a variety of small group classes, ranging from aerial yoga, indoor rowing, and floating mediation in a silk hammock, the Swet Studio® Method utilizes the concept mindfulness as a key element of its Practice. Swet Studio® trains the body and calms the mind.