Levitation Class is the Antidote to Daily Stress

The art of mindfulness ultimately occurs from within, and meditation transforms the mind. In harmony with its aerial yoga regimen, Swet Studio of Boston’s South End, is pleased to share a floating, guided mediation class called “Levitation,” where participants can relax and experience the calm of guided meditation, while suspended in a floating silk hammock. Whether your boss is ticking you off, your kids are driving you crazy, or you are just on edge, this 30 -45 minute class allows for escape from the pressures of daily life.

Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is silent. Although mediation is one of the best tools in balancing emotions, quelling the tide of stress, and promoting a sense of equanimity, it is a state that can be difficult to achieve alone, without a guide.

Swet Studio’s Guided Mediation class, Levitation, is a group experience where participants are individually suspended in a silk hammock, free from the worries and noise of the ground, and guided to a place of inner quietude. Tanuja Rampersad, an instructor at the studio, learned the art of becoming centered and focusing her clarity at an early age:

“I practiced Metaphysical Meditations as a child and my father often read to me the lectures of the preeminent teacher Paramahansa Yogananda. The meditative guidance I learned eventually directed me to my own consciousness. I use that inspiration to mindfully create guided meditations in which practitioners harness the power of their most natural breath and their own consciousness, awakening levels of clarity and bliss along the way.”

Describing the benefits of Levitation, says Mihaylova: “There is so much noise in our daily lives. People are constantly bombarded with computers, cellphones, televisions, and work, not to mention all of the responsibilities and stress of daily life. Levitation is a perfect way to escape all of that. It is such a refreshing class.”

According to Tanuja, participants often leave the class feeling “lighter” in their minds and bodies.

Levitation at Swet Studio is specifically offered during lunch breaks and right after work with the goal of providing rejuvenation.